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my little pony how to heal a broken heart part 2

majesty: In dream valley this is dream castle I am majesty and this is spike said majesty.

spike: Hi said spike. sweetpink: hello said sweetpink. bubbles: wer'e here said bubbles.

megan: hello my name is megan this is bubbles said megan. bubbles: hi said bubbles.

sweetstuff: I'm sweetstuff said sweetstuff. applejack: the name's applejack said applejack.

twilight: I'm twilight said twilight. ember: my name is ember said ember.

heartthrob: and I am heartthrob said heartthrob. megan:now you know who we are who are you?

said megan. sweetpink:I am sweetpink said sweetpink. videogame: I am videogame said videogame.

perfect: I am perfect said perfect. baby perfect:and I am baby perfect said baby perfect.

shocker: I am shocker said shocker. baby shocker: and I am baby shocker said baby shocker.

ember: glad to meet all of you said ember. sweetpink: same here said sweetpink.

sweetstuff: now what? said sweetstuff. twilight: I know how would you like a tour of

ponyland said twilight. videogame: we'd love to said videogame. heartbroken: mwamwahaha you

ponies are not going anywhere said heartbroken. heartthrob: who are you? said heartthrob.

heartbroken: I am heartbroken I hate love and I am going to break your hearts by using my

heartbroken wand I will break your hearts now said heart broken. megan: never said megan.

bubbles: the rainbow of light use it said bubbles. megan: good idea said megan. the

rainbow of light had no effect on him. sweetstuff: what can we do? said sweetstuff.

heartbroken:nothing  your rainbow of light will not harm me hahaha! said heartbroken.

heartdemon: why not use your heartbroken wand? said heart demon. heartbroken: fool I was going to

say that no matter now I will break your hearts said heartbroken. heartthrob no! said heartthrob. bubbles,sweetstuff

shocker,perfect,and twlight hearts broke and all of them were heart broken. heartbroken: hahaha! said heart broken.

and then they leave applejack:now what are going to do? said applejack. megan:I know let's

go see mr. moochick maybe he can help said megan. sweetpink: who? said sweetpink. ember:

mr. moochick if anybody can help you friends it's him comeon. said ember. heartthrob: mr.

moochick are you here said heartthrob. mr. moochick: oh it's you well what do you need help

this time said mr. moohchick. megan: we needto heal our friends their hearts broke and now

they are heartbroken said megan. mr. moochick: hmm that is serious well you see the truth is

I'd like to help you but I can't said mr moochick. babyhshocker: you have to help said babyshocker.

baby perfect: you must know something said baby perfect. mr. moochick: ah wait I do know of

someone who can help said mr. moochick. end of part 2
the second part of my story
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March 26, 2010
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